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January 18, 20170

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This morning I wake up to a white and cold winter scene. 

The trees in my street are covered in a mix of white ice and snow, same as the roofs of the cars and the pavement outside.

As I step outside to take my child to school, the noise from the street changes its quality. It’s a white, soft and gentle sound. Cars, bikes and people’s voices sound far away from us as if everything around is wrapped into a bubble of ice and snow. 

For a moment I feel the effect of this winter scene to my mind and thoughts. As if nature brings me to be in the here ad now – a bit like in one of these exercises on mindfulness. 

Well, I realised that winter has really arrived to town. 

Winter often means cold temperature, darker days, indoor activities, flu, layers of cloths, problems on the road and the list might go onBeing a summer lover, I do find it difficult sometimes during the  winter months. 

But what are the joys of winter? Anything from big to little pleasures that this season brings to us?

Here are my favorite ones… 

1) An excuse to take it easy and slow down a bit… which doesn’t necessarily mean to be lazy

2) Get more work done without having the distraction to go out all the time

3) Catch up on all my favorite TV series

4) Improve my baking skills

5) Appreciate the calming effects that nature has on my mind in this period of the year

And what are yours?

Winter greetings from Amsterdam!

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