Motherhood, friendship and doing business together

Angela Fusaro
October 16, 2017

Introducing Eefke I am Eefke Fermin, a 29 year old mother of Noah (3 year old) and Elena (1 year old).I'm married to the most wonderful man on this planet, Ramphy Fermin. My life?motto is to enjoy every second of life. Sharing these beautiful moments with the people you love is important to me. Life is short, make it count!

Introducing S?nia My name is Sonia. I am 34 years old and originally from Lisbon, Portugal.?I am a chaotic energy bomb - clumsy and always smiling. My greatest joy is my daughter Camila, her daddy Santiago, my family, friends and my business. Every single day I try to be my best self and keep positive despite any challenges. It's all about energy!


How did you meet each other? Eefke: Sonia and I met via the "Amsterdam Business Mamas" group on Facebook. I posted a picture of myself with my daughter in a baby carrier, while giving a presentation to mums on going for their passions and combining it with their kids. S?nia was inspired and sent a message to me. We went for a coffee - ?there was an instant click. S?nia is such a wonderful person and I was so lucky she got in touch.

How did you start working together?

S?nia: I was eager for freedom, personal development and more control of my life - those were possible as a professional network marketer. Eefke coached me and we have been working together ever since.

It has been a wonderful journey - ?I get to learn from Eefke and other women, spend time with my daughter and work on my dreams - all of it on my own time.

Family and career. It is often challenging to find some balance. How do you do it? And what works best for you? ????????????

Eefke: It was a struggle in my previous role as an HR manager - working 40+ hours with my baby in daycare 4 days a week. That hurt, not to mention when your baby is sick and you have to ask your boss for permission to stay at home with your kid. But now I can decide when, where and with whom I want to work.

Seeing my kids grow up is such a privilege - I wish that for every parent. But when you are working for yourself it is hard to put away your phone. So I do plan my time with my children and husband. You must draw a line between work and non-work time, else you work 24/7 which isn't healthy.

S?nia: I am Portuguese so I work best in chaos (laughs). I never plan too far ahead and I put my daughter above everything else.?I plan my week on every Sunday. I schedule a few days for appointments without Camila, a few more days with Camila and other working moms and the remaining days to work from home. I guess in my chaos I found structure.

Did you take any time off after your child(ren) was (were) born? If yes, how was it for you to return to work?

Eefke: I was an HR manager when my first son was born. After 12 weeks I returned to work and he went to daycare. I found it hard and cried my eyes out when I left him at the daycare, because I felt he was too small to understand what was going on.

I realized I wanted something else and that?s when I found the business which I am doing right now.

So with my second baby it was totally different. It was possible for me to enjoy the first months with my newborn daughter Elena who didn't go to daycare until she was 1 year old. And now I have the perfect balance with my work and kids. I have flexible working hours and they go to daycare only once or twice a week.

S?nia: I worked in hospitality when Camila was born. My return was gradual as I had some health issues after the delivery. But it was still very uncomfortable as I was stuck on someone else's schedule.

When Camila was 7 months old I decided to work with Eefke and eventually stopped with my full time job. Now I work as I wish and plan all my days around Camila and her activities.?The beginning was tough but I am now grateful that I took this opportunity.

What are the 3 most important things you look for in a job? Eefke:

  1. Growth & Positivity

  2. Teamwork / Teamspirit

  3. And lots of FUN!!!


  1. Flexibility

  2. Joy and?fulfilment

  3. Financial freedom.

How do you see your career in 3 years from now? Eefke:

I will be working with a large group of enthusiastic people who inspire and help each other to grow and to live to their fullest potential. I believe in teamwork and that you can only rise by lifting others!

S?nia: Working with even more amazing people, motivating and helping them achieve independence. Travelling internationally and always taking Camila with me on these adventures. ?

How do you unwind and take care of yourself? Eefke:

I travel a lot and like to discover new places with my family. Furthermore I love going out for dinner, having drinks and chatting with friends, colleagues and new people.

Next to this I like sports, yoga and different mindset practices. Also once in awhile a wellness day is an absolute must!

S?nia: A girls night out is the answer! Having some time with other women that understand your struggles and that also want to have fun does miracles for me.?And travelling of course. Vacations with my family are always adventures.

What would you like to say to each other? Eefke: Dear S?nia, From the moment I met you we just clicked! I love your endless ideas, enthusiasm and positivity. You follow your heart and are genuine in what you do.?I admire you for the person you are. Stay true to yourself and keep this energy and positivity!

S?nia: Eef, You are one of the strongest, most inspiring women I have ever met. I feel blessed that we met and that you gave me a chance to work beside you and build something that my daughter will be proud of. I am so lucky to call you a friend! Thank you.

And now a message to your child(ren). I wish you? Eefke: Dear Noah & ?Elena I wish you both stay true to yourselves and never try to fit in because some else tells you to. Follow your heart and think only in possibilities, because when you believe and work for it, then you can make it happen! I will always love you and be there for you! ?

S?nia: Camila, you have been a miracle since before you were born. You are destined for great things my love!?I want you to believe in yourself and know that all your dreams can come true. You only need to believe it, work on it and make it happen.?Mama will always be your greatest supporter. I love you with all my heart Mia Fia - always and forever.