Updated April 2023

About Company, a leading player in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, operates in the Netherlands with a strong commitment towards creating an inclusive and supportive environment for mothers. Our comprehensive workplace policies and benefits are designed with the primary objective of maintaining work-life balance and providing essential support to our employees, particularly mothers.

Region/Country: Netherlands

Industry: Hospitality and Tourism


Policies and Benefits

Compressed Working Week

This policy allows employees to work a full week’s worth of hours over fewer days. For example, instead of a traditional 5-day work week with 8-hour workdays, an employee might work four 10-hour days, having an extra day off each week. This gives employees an extended period of rest and can also help with reducing commuting time and costs.

Flexible Start and Finish Times

This policy gives employees the freedom to start and end their workday at times that best suit their personal schedules. It allows employees to balance their work and personal commitments more effectively and can be particularly beneficial for employees with childcare responsibilities, long commutes, or other personal commitments.

Part-Time Work

Part-time work refers to employment that is fewer hours per week than a full-time job. It gives employees the flexibility to work fewer hours, often arranged over a full week or just a few days per week. This can be beneficial for employees who have other commitments such as parenting or studying.

Rostered Days Off

This system involves employees working extra hours over a certain period in exchange for rostered days off. For example, an employee might work an extra hour each day over a fortnight to take a day off at the end of that period. This policy allows employees to have regular extended breaks from work.

Time off in Lieu of Overtime (TOIL)

This policy allows employees who have worked overtime to take that time off at a later date. For example, if an employee works two hours over their contracted hours on a particular day, they would be entitled to take two hours off on another day. It provides a way for employees to regain a balance between their work and personal time after particularly busy periods.

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