Struggling with making a decision? Stop thinking and start feeling it

Angela Fusaro
November 8, 2016

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I often find myself struggling?when it's time to make some big decisions...

For some people decision making is a rational process where you are supposed to carefully calibrate any pro's and con's but for me it simply doesn't go that way.Last week my husband and I made a bid for an apartment to buy in Amsterdam. The apartment was amazing, the area close to the centre, safe, residential but, in my personal opinion, the area felt kind of... well, ugly and didn't give me any sense of home at all.

At the end, the owner didn't accept our offer and sold the apartment to another family. It was not meant to be and that?felt to me such a big relief. Looking back, I?realised I didn't feel good about the decision to bid for that apartment, yet it seemed?as if I wasn't strong enough to push?back, maybe just because I was missing some strong/rational arguments there. But do we always?need rational arguments and considerations to make the right decision??

Well, surely it's important to think it through rationally and carefully as we don't want?to jeopardise our?life with a bad move but... is?there more than that? My answer is YES.

As women and mothers I believe we have some great intuition we can tap into especially when confusion and doubts are?around us.

Remember that the woman's womb is, physically and symbolically, the place where some?greatest intuition starts and keeps?happening every time.

If, like me, sometimes you are also not sure whether you are making the right decision, pause for a moment, stop thinking and try to feel...

  • How do you feel about the decision you are about to make?

  • What does your gut feeling tell you?

  • If you put a hand on your tummy and close your eyes for a minute, which intuition does your womb give you??

In my own experience, when the decision feels right:

  • Doubts are suddenly out of the way and

  • There is almost no need to ask friends or relatives what they would do in your situation

Simply because at the bottom of your heart?you're the one who knows it best already!

And what do you do when you're confronted with a big decision??I'd love to hear from you! Share your story by writing a comment in the section below.

With love, Angela

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