Priscilla on work, motherhood and the story behind Family Welcome

Angela Fusaro
April 6, 2018

?Introducing Priscilla Priscilla is a mum with a passion for creativity, design, web, photography and travelling.Originally from Rome, she has lived in London and Madrid. She is the founder of Family Welcome: a blog, magazine and online platform that makes life for families, mums and children friendly and much more fun.?Visit to know more.

How was your career before you became a mother? I worked in the marketing department of a big corporation. I had a demanding role, with senior responsibilities and plenty of opportunities for career growth.

I was promoted during the early days of my pregnancy. At the time, I was pregnant of my son Ascanio who is now 6 years old. But as time passed during my pregnancy, things suddenly changed at work and I was made redundant.

How did you start Family Welcome? Family Welcome began in 2013. I wanted to create a blog and service dedicated to families. I was inspired by the Spanish project ?Mammaproof?. By creating Family Welcome I wanted to share my own journey and discoveries as a mum with other mums.


What challenges do mums face in the Italian job market when returning to work after a career break? Mums usually return to their jobs with a desire to continue working on the projects they managed before maternity leave. However their roles within the company might have shifted or changed significantly while they were away. Often mums have to restart their career from scratch while having new responsibilities at home. This is a big challenge.

Your team at Family Welcome consists only of mums. How is it working together? We wouldn?t be here without each other. We are very close, including outside of work. We have different skills and play different roles within the project. Since we are all mums, we understand the challenge of combining work with managing a family and small children. But this does not stop us. Instead we work harder, especially when children are in school in order to better enjoy the time with them after school/work.

But of course, it?s not easy. Sometimes there is a shared nanny who cares for our children when we are on a business trip or at one of our events. We found it helpful. In your opinion, what are the skills that mums bring to the workplace? Family Welcome has mums with years of experience from working in global organisations. We believe every mother brings some sort of superpower to the workplace. Mums develop skills and talents while raising children. For example, multitasking and thinking/planning ahead. How do you balance raising a family and being an entrepreneur? It?s not easy to keep the balance. I try as much as I can to establish some healthy boundaries between the two worlds for home and work. When I?m struggling, I ask for help. Or I look for short breaks where I can get work done while my child Ascanio is around. Not ideal but it?s possible. I strive to do my my best in any circumstance. How do you unwind and take care of yourself? I?m a cheerful person, I smile even when life throws challenges at me. And I like to take care of myself. I do follow a little beauty routine, tested for years already and that makes me look and feel good. I can?t tell you more, it?s my little secret (laughs).

What?s one piece of advice you?d give to other mums who want to start their own business? Do your best, don?t give up at the first challenge or when someone does not believe in you. And most important, join forces with other people. Being part of a team makes you stronger.?Connect with other mums to create what you?re most passionate about.?

Family Welcome shows this is the formula to success.