Dear Team,

My name is Daniella Taddei and I am I am working full time as Business Analyst at Coloplast. I come from a background of Econometrics and Economics, having done my undergraduate and post graduate degrees within these fields.

Upon learning about the business analyst position I was eager to apply for this role. When reviewing the job description, I was excited to see how well my experience and interests aligns with the company’s needs and requirements. During my time studying and working full time I have managed to gain technical and practical skills within an analytic sphere. I am constantly staying up to date with new courses online to better myself and to contribute further to my role within my current company. I have a well-rounded skill set in analytics and problem solving. These acts should not be seen as arbitrary but rather as a commitment to development of my skills.

I am determined, motivated and willing to push my boundaries to achieve success in various facets of my life whether it be academic or through personal relationships. My core skills include excellent communication, analytical thinking and problem-solving which I plan to use throughout my career. I am inspired by the possibility of achieving success and I am self-motivated. I am driven, hard-working and willing to cease every opportunity put forward to me.

I am applying to this company as it is innovative, forward-thinking and the values and ethos reflect my own shared values and principles. You can look forward to a motivated, hard-working young woman with a desire to achieve within the analytical sphere.

Kind regards,
Daniella Taddei