Dear hiring manager,

I am an experienced business analyst. I managed several international projects in different sectors. I am also a data scientist and PBI expert. My 4 year experience in the data domain and more than 15 year experience in stakeholder management makes me dare to apply for this job.

I fulfill most of the requirements of the job post. Moreover, I believe, my goal to do good for the future of the world and your company priorities align.

I currently work at VodafoneZiggo Headoffice. I am lead product owner in a big IT team here and I am acting on change management, business analyses, leadership, process improvement tasks.

Even though I am a Dutch citizen and I use Dutch in my daily life, I prefer to use English as the business language. I hope this is not a deal breaker but a skill to cherish for your company. I have been employed in different countries of Europe, using English as the business language, communicating people from all cultures and background. I am very successful in pulling everyone in the same page.

I live in Amstelveen with my husband and kids, and I would like to know more about the company to see if I am right to assume that I can be beneficial there.

I will be waiting for your reply

Kind regards

Deniz Dursun