Good day

Firstly, thank you for considering my application. I am excited to apply for this position as it will allow me to build on my experience as an account manager.

Due to my unusual job experience for this role I thought I should first explain why I am making a change from law. I worked full time as a compliance officer while studying full time for a bachelor in law degree. I then went on to do my training to become an attorney and to be admitted to the Cape Town bar. This coincided with the tail end of covid, which I believe was what gave me the courage to make a change after taking the time to consider what I want in life, and taking stock of where I was at. I concluded that I was not happy working in law, although I do love law academically. This decision was difficult to reach due to so many years working towards this one goal. Further, I decided that I would like to move to the Netherlands to be close to my brother and his family. The easiest way to do so was to do a masters degree, of which I chose international law in the human rights track due to my inherent love for human rights law. I have recently completed my degree and am now looking for a position more in line with the relationship management of an account manager.

So after that long winded explanation of how I came to apply for this position, I believe I would thrive in this position and be an asset to the company due to my experience as a labour law compliance officer wherein a large part of my job was to educate the industry on the required labour laws and employment benefits of the industry which also included explaining and assisting in completing their monthly returns to the pension fund & bargaining council which entailed a rather complicated holiday and bonus fund, helping employers calculate their contributions, reviewing and auditing the company contributions which they calculated alone, and inputting and processing the funds for payout at the end of the year. This experience will help me guide clients in their annual returns.

I believe my time management and organizational skills, as well as my problem solving, interpersonal relationship building skills and proactive nature will enable me to quickly grow into this role and to become a trusted employee.

I am currently here on an orientation year visa which is valid till August 2024, however, I am in the process of applying for sponsorship through my Dutch partner, and will therefore not need company sponsorship to work in the Netherlands.

Additionally, I begin an intensive Dutch class on Monday night which over 6 weeks will bring my Dutch level up to an A2 level, after which I plan to complete a second course to bring that level up to a B1 level.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards,