Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my enthusiasm and interest in the Customer Onboarding Specialist position at ParsePort. After reviewing the job description, it became clear to me that my experience, particularly as an Onboarding and Activation Specialist at Smiler, directly aligns with the responsibilities and preferred capabilities outlined. At Smiler, I played an integral role in streamlining the photographer onboarding process, working with complex spreadsheets to track the progress of onboarded photographers and the revenue they generated. My role required a detail-oriented approach, a trait that I have honed over the years, allowing me to see problems as challenges and proactively search for solutions. My strong administrative skills, structured working style, and exceptional attention to detail have been crucial in this regard.

My experience at Smiler also involved talent acquisition, recruiting, and engagement of the photography community within the company. I provided photographers with relevant educational material, organized workshops, and created comprehensive documentation on various processes. This role required close collaboration with multiple departments to ensure both photographers and customers received the best possible experience. I believe these experiences have equipped me with excellent analytical, collaboration, and communication skills, all of which are paramount for the role at ParsePort.

Furthermore, I am a quick learner and a hardworking individual who thrives in team settings. My sociable nature combined with my passion for fostering team collaboration was evident during my tenure as a Venue Manager and Photographer Team Lead at Smiler, where I led and motivated teams to achieve and surpass our goals. I am also actively learning Dutch, which I believe would be beneficial in fostering smooth communication within the ParsePort team and its customer base.

Finally, ParsePort’s commitment to providing a flexible and family-friendly work environment, as well as its dedication to closing the gender gap in tech, deeply resonates with me. I am eager to contribute to such a forward-thinking company and confident that my skills, experience, and dedication would make me a valuable asset to the ParsePort team. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how I can contribute to ParsePort’s continued success.

Warm regards,

Ekaterina Shestak