Dear Ladies/Gentlemen,
I hope this letter finds you well.
The purpose of my letter is to introduce myself as I am interested in applying for this job position.
During my last job as front office specialize, I was in charge of Manage reservations, by email, phone & chat,solving tickets for cancelations, refunds. Collection Payments by terminal (VCC) , solving inquiries with positive solutions.
I succeeded in increasing 30% of the positive guests reviews in the first quarter of my job contract period.
By the service provided to the guests and my problem-solving capacity under pressure, we managed to always be in the top of the best hotel boutique in Amsterdam. I started to learn the Dutch behaviour, culture, and developed a passion for customer service and public relations.
While working for Mellow Hostel De Guatemala, I was able to provide the best quality service possible to our guest and keep a good relationship in order to achieve, with my team. Also leading my team to elevate the bar operations, with a stronger commitment to provide exceptional customer experience.
As operation foreman at Creative Painting solutions company. Through team meetings, data analysed, and fully committed support, I showed my capacities and abilities, and I was able to escalate in the company to a position with higher expectations and more responsibilities which made me learn different ways to handle different scenarios.
During my experience in AirBnb. I learned a lot about different cultures and different types of strategies to predict outcomes and to solve problems. I loved this experience because even though it was just for a short period, it was my first time working remotely and helped me to have a wider capacity to analyse problems and learn how to deal with them.
Because of my experience in customer service and my ambition, I would love to be part of the company, start a great relationship with my future team and start learning from each other in order to bring big achievements to the company.
Thank you very much for considering my application for candidacy.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Dan Ortega