Hi team,

I would love to join you as a Customer Support Engineer. I am currently working as a Technical Support Engineer at Tink in Stockholm, but I am looking to relocate to Amsterdam.

In my daily work, I troubleshoot a wealth of issues with our API from failed payments to integration problems. My proudest moment so far would be building a tool in Ruby which takes a JSON object as the input and outputs a csv with every instance of a given variable. This automation was imperative in providing a list of transaction ids to a customer in a timely manner.

I have also worked as a Customer Service Advisor for the LEGO Group, where I answered phone calls and emails in French and Spanish. One of my strongest learning experiences from this role was when I had a Spanish customer who wanted to sign up for an account with their partner’s details. Many of my colleagues had tried to get in contact but they never picked up the phone on the weekdays. One day I was working on the weekend, as we did occasionally just to catch up on emails. I took the initiative to try to call instead and they were ecstatic to hear that someone had been able to get in touch and finish the registration. It taught me to think outside the box when it comes to customer issues; not one size fits all so sometimes a small idea goes a long way.

In terms of technical experience, I studied Web Development at Le Wagon, where I learnt Ruby on Rails, along with HTML and Databases. My proudest achievement was acting as the Lead Developer for ParkN, a service built to help parents find a suitable park in Stockholm in just two weeks along with two of my classmates.

My broad range of experience has taught me to approach problem-solving with a calm and analytical mindset, while tackling the communication with the customer with friendliness and empathy.

Thank you for your consideration,