Dear Angela,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to express my genuine excitement about the possibility of joining WORKIVA as a Customer Support Engineer. This role presents an excellent opportunity for me to combine my experience in international business with my growing interest in Data Science.

During my time as the International Business Liaison for Latin America at DUTCHPOWERGROUP, I gained valuable insights and skills that closely align with the expectations of this position. What truly inspires me about this role is the chance to explore something new. I am eager to make meaningful contributions to WORKIVA while further immersing myself in the field of Data Science, which I have recently developed a deep passion for.

In my previous role, I served as the main point of contact for our clients’ W2E technology projects. I effectively managed technical issues through phone, chat and email, ensuring our customers received prompt and understandable assistance. Building positive relationships through effective communication was a crucial aspect of my responsibilities.

My fluency in both English and Spanish has been instrumental in engaging with a diverse range of individuals. Ensuring everyone understands and is satisfied with the support provided is always a top priority for me. I possess strong problem-solving abilities and thrive in collaborative environments when it comes to finding solutions.

I am proficient in navigating Google Drive and the Microsoft Office Suite, and I am genuinely eager to acquire any additional skills necessary to excel in this position. I am driven by challenges and the opportunity to expand my horizons. Therefore, I believe that WORKIVA is an ideal match for this exciting new phase in my career journey.

Thank you for considering my application.

Best regards,
Zayenka Gonzalez