Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m excited to apply for the customer support position at your company. Even though my background is in digital design, I believe my skills can bring a fresh perspective to customer interactions.
In my design career, I’ve learned how to explain things clearly and solve problems creatively. These skills, along with my dedication to understanding and helping customers, make me a good fit for a customer support role. I’m good at adapting to different communication styles and finding smart solutions to customer questions.
My experience in design has taught me to pay close attention to details and deliver high-quality work. I think these skills can transfer well to a customer support job where it’s important to focus on customer concerns and solve problems quickly.

I’m confident that my unique skills and my enthusiasm for great customer service make me a great fit for this position. I’m eager to bring my design knowledge to a role that’s customer-focused and contribute to your team’s success
Thank you for considering my application. I’d love the chance to talk more about how my skills match what you’re looking for.

Olga Molina