Dear Director of Human Resources,
Mijn naam is Marina, ik ben afkomstig uit Egypte en heb werkervaring in zowel Egypte als Dubai (7 jaar). Vijf jaar geleden verhuisde ik naar Nederland. Ik leer nog steeds Nederlands, dus ik zal mezelf verder in het Engels voorstellen

Within a market of fast-paced businesses, Your Esteemed Firm is a leading name that is proven to adopt a different vision of the field.

Due to my involvement in a family business Dubai and Egypt until reaching a great position in the market, I believe I have developed strong expertise in a variety of areas; sales, business operations, strategic management, account management and customer success. The wide spectrum of roles I’ve engaged in throughout my career has broadened my perspective to learning and growing. As most of my career involved executing successful destination events in various foreign countries, I have developed a strong sense of critical thinking under pressure, which was quite natural in this field of business, complex problem solving, a skilled eye for detail and a very experienced communication style. I am result oriented, a true go-getter and I am well known for my resourcefulness. As a leader among the team and a business owner, I have developed a strong sense of customer understanding, negotiation skills to ensure maximum benefit, creative ways to secure higher sales as well as long term customer relationship and a strong experience managing talents. I can be a strong addition to your team given the versatile and unique skillset that I have acquired throughout my career. These skills were at the core of my professional success during my current and past jobs. On daily basis, I was required to think on my feet and make decisions in high-stress situations, putting the clients first. There was little space for miscommunication as we worked towards deadlines and critical processes that depended on one another. Until this day I am still remotely consulted by my previous employer with any complex uprising situation as I can offer an effective course of action to solve any predicament. Also, your firm is very appealing to me as a business that allows the growth and learning of employees in a healthy and collaborative environment. I’ve been successful at working independently as much as I’ve enjoyed working within diverse teams where sharing ideas is a great win for everyone. As an outgoing person, I always make sure to be a part of the different activities around the office to enrich my experience with work colleagues. I’m quite enthusiastic to prove my additions to your team and I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot more.
I hope to hear from you very soon.

Marina Wahby