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Building a diverse and inclusive workplace starts from your hiring decisions.

Become a Partner of our Returnship Programme and bring more women on board. Returnship gives you the opportunity to widen and diversify your talent groups with qualified mid-career professionals.

Get access to our community of talented mums who are ready to re-enter the job market after a career break. Next to relevant job experience and specialist skills, our candidates bring:

  • High level of education
  • Recent trainings
  • International background
  • Multiple languages
  • Strong commitment and dedication
  • Valuable life experience and organisational skills

Usually a returnship is for a period between 3 and 6 months after which you can decide if continuing with the employment relationship. We help you onboard and coach your new colleagues to make it a success.

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Working Parents Seminars & Webinars

A supportive and engaging activity for parents to reflect on their journey into parenting and work.

Parents will have the opportunity to connect, share their stories and learn from each other.

They will also gain new insights, practical tips and a fresh perspective to experience balance and feel more empowered in these challenging times.

Below some of the topics we will cover in the webinar:

  • Parenting and dual career
  • Returning to work after a baby
  • Work-life integration and personal wellbeing
  • Parenting and work during a global pandemic

Maternity Coaching

Pregnancy and giving birth are one of the most critical transitions in an employee’s life.

Maternity coaching is a one-on-one coaching programme to support your employees during pregnancy and on the return back to work after a baby.

The programme includes:

  • 4 Private Career Coaching Conversations (one before, one during maternity leave and two upon return to work)

  • A personalised Back-to-Work Roadmap with information, checklists and action steps

  • 2 End-of-Coaching Reports (one for the employee and one for the organisation)


"Angela understands the challenges of being a working mother in today's society as well as the corporate environment and workplace dynamics. She was able to give me great advice, was compassionate and quickly identified my development areas. I would highly recommend her and Every Mother Knows!"

Corinne Aaron
Marketing Director Europe at Lovevery

"I find Angela's webinars engaging, inclusive and empowering. Angela has the natural ability to connect with everyone and make people feel at ease and open up. Every Mother Knows is a valuable partner if you are looking for resources, knowledge and experience in the areas of parenting, talent development and work."

Ricardo Pengel
Head of Corporate Responsibility at Acre


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