Nupur Kohli on stress, productivity and a healthy lifestyle

Angela Fusaro
March 13, 2018

Introducing Nupur Kohli Nupur Kohli is a medical doctor, healthcare advisor and?renowned speaker, researcher and author on stress?and productivity.

How did you start your career?I studied medicine and started my career as a medical doctor. My focus was on paediatrics. I?ve also been sought after speaker since my school days.

What have been the defining moments in your career journey so far? There have been several. I won at TEDx Award in 2012 for best speaker. I?ve also won a VIVA400 Award in 2016 for Most Inspiring Woman in The Netherlands in the category Smart Brains. Adding to this was a one of the Most Inspiring Women in Technology award by Inspiring50Europe in 2017, as well as being honoured by the Minister of Science and Education of The Netherlands for leading Gender Equality in the Netherlands in 2017. And in 2018 I am designated Global Shaper by the prestigious World Economic Forum and listed in 100 most impactful healthcare leaders by World Health &?Wellness Congress, Mumbai India. How can companies support well-being at the workplace??And what are the benefits for the business?

It is important that companies communicate openly on the well being of the employees.

Companies can support through training or inviting speakers who share knowledge and insights about well-being. A survey in the U.K. showed that stress is a big reason for employees to call in sick for work. Supporting well-being at the workplace lowers the number of sick leaves and prevents businesses losing money.

? Returning to work after a baby can be a stressful transition. What can mums do to rejoin work with confidence and ease? Firstly, having a good support network who can care for your child when you are at work is important. Of course, you must feel safe to leave your child with them. When a mum knows her baby is being fed, changed, and treated with love, it?provides ease at work.

Secondly, support from your partner helps you remain positive. Communicate with your partner on dividing tasks. When a mum does not feel she has to do it all alone, this reduces stress at home and work. Lastly, mums - take care of yourselves. This boosts your self-confidence.

Sleep and stress: what?s the relationship between these two? One cause of stress are thoughts and worries. A busy mind is difficult to calm down. This results in troubles with sleeping. Stress also releases a hormone that keeps you?active. When the stress hormone levels remain high, this creates body tension which also results in troubles with sleeping.

What advice you have for new mums who miss a good night?s sleep in the early days of parenthood? Try catching up on sleep in the day time, however difficult it may sound.

Say no to daytime tasks (or ask for help) so that you can catch up on sleep.?A 30 minute nap can provide some refreshing relaxation. Furthermore, eat proper healthy meals which provide enough energy to get you through your day.

How do you, Nupur Kohli, keep a healthy lifestyle? I practice yoga, meditation and exercise. This helps clear my mind.?I also practice a vegetarian lifestyle, I don?t drink and I don?t smoke.

Creative activities help me keep a balanced lifestyle. This creates more happiness in my life. And I laugh a lot. It?s true - laughter is the best medicine. And that?s coming from a medical doctor (laughs).

What is the one thing you want to achieve in your career and life in 2018? Good question. I want to help and reach globally more people and organizations through my talks.?And of course, convey the message of positivity and guide them how to increase productivity while leading less-stressful lives. My book ?Chill! How to Survive Stress and Improve Personal and Professional Productivity. Symptoms and Solutions to Chronic Pressure? shows how stress affects our lives and gives them practical tips to survive stress and increase productivity.

It would be a wonderful life achievement to make a significant contribution in creating a happier and healthier world.

That is my goal. Learn more about Nupur,?visit her?website?