Every mother deserves a rewarding career

Whether you’re returning to work after a career break, planning maternity leave or already working and looking to make a change in your work-life, Every Mother Knows is here to help you.

Return to work

Career development

Return to work

Are you looking to re-enter the job market after having taken a break from work to raise your children?

Get personalised coaching and career advice to land your next job and return to work after a parental break. We guide you through each step of the process so you can relaunch your career with confidence and ease.


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Strengths and Skills review

Tap into your strengths and skills to become clear about your next direction

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Build a strong CV and craft a compelling motivation letter

LinkedIn & Job Search Support

Increase the visibility of your profile, expand your network and connect to suitable jobs and career opportunities

Job Interview Preparation

Brush up your interview skills, increase your confidence and ace your next interview

Career Development

Are you currently working and do you want to make a change in your career? Do you want to discover new opportunities, improve your work-life or grow in your current function?

We help you get clear about your vision, create an actionable plan and prepare for your next role.

We partner with you to forward your career:


Identify your next step and direction


Achieve your aspirations and goals


Find your work-life balance


Feel more confident and empowered


"Angela was a fantastic coach who helped me not only brush up my professional self, but also truly helped me refind my confidence for moving back into the professional sphere after taking a break for my children. I enjoyed our sessions and am very grateful to her for all the support. She is a professional warrior on your side to help you find your strongest self."

Laura van Driem
Sourcing Manager at Starbucks

"My journey with Angela was far more than useful, she really helped me figuring out my next career move and supported me in all the steps. Angela is an experienced professional and she is able to deeply understand both the career expectations and the personal issues of the people she works with. She supported me on a higher level of redefining my professional path, but also she managed to be very practical and helpful till the last mile."

Sara Tugnolo
Marketing Manager at Waterwipes

"I worked with Angela during 6 sessions which gave me a great start towards my next career move. As a career changer and a young mom, it was useful for me to start from the basics like organising my week and resources, recall my strengths and transferable skills matching my new career. I can highly recommend Angela if you are lost and don’t know where to start. She will guide you through the whole process and will coach you through important points like ways to build your confidence and researching your new role. As a measurable result, I got a well-organised CV."

Maiia Kuzmina
Service Coordinator at Bugaboo

"Angela is a highly empathic, structured and smart coach - after a parental career break of some years, she guided me towards my next steps with great support around job market, interview, CV and confidence building and more. Totally recommend her business and a bonus is she's so lovely!"

Margaret Kearns
Freelance writer, editor, local radio presenter


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