Jenni on personal image, style and what to wear at work in 2020

Angela Fusaro
December 16, 2019

Jenni Ryyn?nen is a Finnish Image & Style Expert, Blogger and Speaker living in The Netherlands who wants to help you to develop your personal style and confidence through image consulting services that include wardrobe edits and personal shopping.Wild about accessories and fabulous basics. Believes that fashion belongs to everyone. Fascinated about the hidden messages we give with our style. Owns too many brocade coats. Must be caffeinated at all times. Loves autumn, sushi and Netflix.

Tell us a bit about your journey to become a style and personal image consultant...How did it all start? I have a BA in fashion and textile design and I used to work for years in fashion retail. Later I worked as a corporate trainer for systems and processes but also for soft skills. Communication training was a strong element in our training portfolio and there are a lot of connection points to personal image and even style.

I started my company I on Image in 2015 after taking a decision of not returning to my old job. I was then a mother of two little boys and my youngest wasn?t even a year old. I had a strong vision and a lot of stamina to make it happen. My image consulting business combines my skills and my passion for image and style for talented professional women

What do you enjoy most about your work? I enjoy being the behind-the-screens -part of my clients? success. It?s great to hear the news about new jobs, promotions and recognitions. There is some great energy in those steps and leaps that my clients take when they are returning to work after parental leave of sabbatical.

My job is to reduce the decisions they take on a daily basis and to help them focus on what matters the most to them. Sometimes it?s a capsule wardrobe for work, another day it?s a show-stopping evening gown for an award ceremony. Success, or a vision of it, is strongly present in all moments I spend with my clients. Style for you is? I am forever fascinated by fashion history and the way our style has been a powerful method of self-expression over the centuries. Style tells a lot about us, our values, interests, status, nationality and even about our political and religious views. It?s a strong part of our everyday life and its impact on our lives is often overlooked. Real style happens when a person is wearing something that demonstrates their lifestyle and personality in a deeply aesthetic manner. In an ideal situation, style is a visual representation of a streamlined personal brand and a logical continuation of their authentic self.

Personal image, clarity and confidence, what?s the relationship between these 3? Our image is what we project of ourselves to the outer world. Clarity is when you know what is essential about you and how you can manifest it through your image. Confidence comes with the knowledge that you are demonstrating an intentional, yet genuine, image of yourself.

What are your top 3 style tips for women returning to work after a baby?

  1. ?Go low-maintenance: No-iron, machine wash, easy stain removal are factors that will speed up your already busy mornings.

  2. Your body might still be changing and your wellbeing should come first. Opt for styles that gently contour your body or are slightly a wider fit. These styles allow your body to go through it?s natural changes without having to renew your wardrobe too often.

  3. A nice large scarf updates your simple outfit in a flash. It also hides stains, gives you comfort, allows you to pump or nurse discreetly, is not tied to a size, is low-commitment and comes in a price range for all budgets. Get two or three that you really love and wear them to shreds.

Share your best wardrobe tips for busy working mums

Simplify your wardrobe down to what is truly relevant to you right now. Take a moment every weekend to plan your outfits for the coming week in advance. It may feel like a huge task but it will make the week go smoother, I promise.

Give up items that distract or depress you. I don?t mean your business clothes should make you jump for joy, but they don?t need to drag you down either.

Wear every day something that you find beautiful. It will give you energy and grit. I like to dress up on crappy days. My sartorial armour makes me stronger and ready to take come what may.

What?s your favourite item in the wardrobe?

A Little Black Dress never stops amazing me with it?s versatility. You can elevate your LBD by simply changing accessories to more glamorous ones, or you can wear it with sneakers on a less formal day.

I am always screening the collections for the best styles that would work for several occasions and on numerous different body shapes. This year is coming to an end. What are you most grateful for? I am very grateful for my returning clients who came back to me season after season for a style update. We have a great relationship and I am happy to be a part of their journey. I am also grateful for my blog coach and my blogger community for helping me to improve my blog. It?s now the knowledge base that I was always dreaming of. What will we wear at work in 2020? Our work clothes will continue to get more individual and less formal. Our business style needs to respond to the new work culture that is talent driven and emphasizes creative thinking. Employees will continue to appreciate more flexibility and more freedom, which will reflect directly in our style choices. Generation?Z will be entering the workforce and their style preferences will have a great impact on?what we will be wearing to work. Sustainability is here to stay as a mega-trend. Hyper-consumerism is frowned upon and better choices will be introduced in all industries. Buying sustainable, wearing second-hand, repeating outfits and shopping your closet will become increasingly popular.

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