What to wear on your first day back at work after a maternity break

Angela Fusaro
October 20, 2017

Next Monday is your first day back at work after your maternity leave and you?ve?

1.Arranged childcare for your little one

2. Organised household responsibilities with your partner

3. Spoken with your manager so everyone at the office?expects?you


Have you decided what to wear on your first day back at the office? Clothes, accessories and a hair style can hugely influence how we feel about ourselves and our impact on others.?Our confidence and self-esteem might need a little boost after spending time away from the workplace, not to mention the sleepless nights and a?24/7 mommy job.

Here are some tips:

  • Something old: wear something you feel comfortable in - not your jumpsuit, of course. Something that you previously wore in a professional setting and made you feel good. It can be a blouse or skirt or a nice pair of pants.

  • Something new: match an old item with a new one. So if you?re wearing your beloved black skirt, match it with a new blouse -?maybe choose one with a bit of colour? It'll give you?a?fresh new feeling.

  • Shine, don?t be shy: play with your look and include accessories like a pair of earrings or a bag that adds a touch of class when you walk through that door. Yes, you?ve been away but now you?re back and it?s okay?to make your presence felt and seen...and heard!

  • Love your hair:?This has?a huge influence on how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. Book a session with your hairdresser the day before to freshen up your look. And your hair will thank you too. ?

  • Blend in but stay true to yourself: keep in mind the type of place where?you work and the office culture. If you work in a start-up, choose a casual and fresh look, like?a?cool pair of jeans.?If you?re in a traditional corporate environment, then a smart?outfit with a feminine touch like high heels sounds a good option.

And the most important one...

Don?t forget to smile. There is no better outfit than your smile to inspire positivity and confidence for a brand new start.

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